Q: Can I buy your charms at a retailer?

A: Our Girls charms are currently available at Nordstrom.com and select Nordstrom stores around the country. In 2013 we will be expanding our women's line to include wholesale sales. If you are a retailer interested in carrying Altruette charms please email order@altruette.com.

Q: Do you share my contact information with the nonprofit?

A: Currently we do not. However many consumers have expressed an interest in learning more about the causes they are supporting, so at some point in the future we may include an “opt-in” to allow charities you select to tell you more about themselves. But don’t worry: it will always be up to you who if anyone is allowed to contact you.

Q: Can I buy a gift card?

A: Currently Altruette does not offer gift cards. But keep checking back – it’s something we do plan to add!

Q: Can I return my charms?

A: Yes. Please see the “Customer Service” section of our website for details.

Q: How does my cause get its own charm?

A: Think your organization is a perfect partner for Altruette? Tell us! Send us an email telling us about who you are and what you do to charities@altruette.com. If we think it’s a fit and are looking for new causes, we’ll be in touch!

Q: How much from each charm is going to the cause it represents?

A: Altruette guarantees that 50% of the net profits from our charms goes directly to our non-profit partners.

Q: Is my purchase tax deductible?

A: No. Only direct contributions to 501(c)3’s are deductible in the US.

Q: Is Altruette a non-profit?

A: Altruette is not a charity. It is a business that engages the private sector to raise money and awareness for our non-profit partners, and helps them spread literacy, fight disease, end hunger, empower women and help make the world a better place. When consumers buy Altruette products, a portion of their purchase is sent to the charity at no cost to them.

Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: Our bracelets are made in Rhode Island, the historic home of the American jewelry industry. Our charms are produced in Rhode Island and New York. All of our Sterling Silver and Vermeil charms are made with 100% recycled silver.

Q: Help! What should I do if my silver charm gets tarnished?

A: Sterling Silver does require a bit of care. Should your charm tarnish, simply dab a small amount of silver polish on a soft cloth, and gently wipe around the charm. Rinse in warm water and dry carefully. Never use chlorine, bleach or other chemical cleaners not designed for sterling silver on your charms.   

Q: Can I attach my Altruette charm to my own charm bracelet?

A: Yes! When purchasing your charm, if you select that you'll be wearing it "on a bracelet," your charm will come with a spring ring clasp that can attach and detach from any bracelet that is roughly the same thickness as the bracelets sold on our site. Alternately, some customers may prefer to attach their charm the traditional way, by having a jeweler solder a jump ring through the clasp and onto their bracelet. Many of our product photographs feature charms attached this way. Just make sure your jeweler is familiar with charms and can attach it without damaging the finish. Altruette is not responsible for charms that are damaged by your jeweler.

Q: Can I ship to an International address?

A: We are in the process of enabling International shipping on our website. In the meantime, if you are interested in shipping Altruette charms outside the U.S. please email us at orders@altruette.com with your shipping address so we can provide a shipping quote and ordering instructions. Within the United States, because we ship via UPS, we cannot ship to P.O. boxes. Please double check that your order is going to a street address within the U.S.

Q: Do you offer charms in solid gold?

A: Because of the extremely high cost of gold, at this point we are only offering solid gold charms by special order. If you are interested, please email orders@altruette.com with the subject heading "solid gold charms." Please note that most of charms in solid gold cost $350-$500 depending on the weight.

Q: Do your goldplated items show wear?

A: Ah, the age old search for goldplating that never shows signs of wear! We wish every day for the price of gold to fall so we could offer solid gold at reasonable price and avoid this issue entirely! Until that happens, we are constantly striving to find the best goldplating on the market. However, we are not magicians, and goldplate is not the same as solid gold. Especially with heavy use it's possible your gold items may show signs of wear. But we stand behind every product we sell, so if this happens we will repair or replace your items at no cost. Just email us at orders@altruette.com if you have any problems.

Q: What are your holiday shipping deadlines?

A: Below are our ordering deadlines for Holiday 2012. Please email us at orders@altruette.com if you have any questions or need advice about which shipping method to choose depending on where you live.

Overnight Order by 5pm on 12/20 to arrive on 12/24 
Second Day Order by 5pm on 12/19 to arrive on 12/24
West Coast Ground Order by 5pm on 12/16 to arrive on 12/24; East Coast, Midwest and Southeast Ground shipping depends on location and can vary from 1-4 days delivery time.  Please email orders@altruette.com if you want to check specific ship times via UPS ground.

Q: Why do you ask how I'll wear my charm?

A: If you'll just be wearing your charm on a necklace, we'll send it to you with a soldered jump ring that slides on and off your necklace. However, if you'd like to wear it on a bracelet, we'll include our spring ring clasp. This slips through the jump ring that's already on the charm and allows you to attach and detach it from a bracelet. If you're not sure how you'd like to wear your charm, simply choose "I'm not sure/It's a gift" when ordering and we'll include the spring ring clasp just in case!