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We spent nearly a decade working together as journalists at Fortune Magazine. The best part about our jobs was tapping into the energy and optimism of the people we covered: entrepreneurs, philanthropists and radical thinkers who were trying to change the world for the better. We couldn't help but be inspired. Still, at the end of the day, we found there was never enough time (or, as journalists, money) to support all the causes we cared about. So at the end of 2009 we left the world of journalism to launch a line of philanthropic jewelry that would raise money and awareness for non-profits we admire.
Our first launch is a classic charm bracelet with a philanthropic twist: each charm represents a different non-profit. The organizations receive a substantial portion of every sale. Why charms? For decades, women have worn charms to tell their personal story. We think they also have the ability to tell the story of the causes they represent. Each charm is beautifully designed to symbolize the organization’s great work, and the charms each come with a “cause card” that tells the consumer more about the non-profit it represents.

We believe that conspicuous consumption is outdated. Modern women care about what they buy and who they buy it from. Altruette was formed to create beautiful objects to further beautiful objectives.

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Julie & Lee